Britt Andreatta, PhD

CEO and President

Brain Aware Training


Britt Andreatta, PhD, is an internationally recognized thought leader who uses her background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and education to create brain-science-based solutions for today’s workplace challenges. Britt is the former chief learning officer for (now LinkedIn Learning), and her online courses have more than 10 million views worldwide. She regularly consults with organizations on leadership development and learning strategy. Britt is the author of several books on the brain science of success, including Wired to Grow, Wired to Resist, and Wired to Connect. In 2021, she was named a top 20 learning influencer and a top 20 HR influencer for leadership development. Her research on the brain science of success has transformed the talent industry.


10 Brain-Based Strategies to Create Engaging Learning

Britt Andreatta, PhD, author of Wired to Grow, will share 10 brain-based strategies for creating engaging learning. Engaging learning is born from the intersection of three activities done well—the three Ds of discovery, design, and delivery. Great learning begins with your discovery process and how you identify the real issues that need to be addressed. As you design, you’ll want to harness the power of aha moments and storytelling to create memorable content. Learning ultimately must drive sustained behavior change to create valued ROI, so you’ll learn how to effectively design habits and utilize practice. You’ll walk away with strategies you can use to consistently create phenomenal results.

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Cath Ellis

Learning Expeirence Designer

Cath Ellis Learning Design


Cath Ellis is an award-winning learning experience designer and speaker from Melbourne, Australia.
She has more than 20 years of industry experience and has worked with clients across the globe designing solutions that promote behavioral change. She takes risks with her designs, thinks outside the box, and drives innovation. Cath runs her own boutique e-learning design company. She has worked with brands such as Aesop, Asahi, Adidas, JP Morgan, and Year Up. She shares what she has learned through her speaking engagements and her YouTube channel, which explores issues that matter to learning designers, including design, creativity, career development, innovation, and more.


The Power of Accessibility

In this eye-opening keynote, Cath Ellis will explain how she uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility principles and guidelines to create extraordinary learning experiences and how she uses this superpower to manage conversations with her clients. You will learn how accessibility aligns with every decision we make when designing learning solutions. Breaking down the misconception that accessibility is scary, Cath will discuss the legal and moral obligation that we have to the 15–20 percent of the world’s population who live with a disability.

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Devin C. Hughes

Speaker, Author, and Culture Expert

Devin C. Hughes Inc.


Devin Hughes is a captivating speaker, author, and culture expert. He helps leaders drive growth and engagement by aligning workplace culture with success. His experience working on employee engagement strategy, evolving corporate culture, talent management, and diversity and inclusion brings a unique perspective in helping his clients plan for positive growth and evolution. His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset, and mindfulness.

Devin’s unconventional and innovative views on business and leadership have attracted international attention. From State Farm to Disney, from Lockheed Martin to Eli Lilly, from big business to entrepreneurs to government agencies, Devin has been invited to meet with an array of leaders and organizations in nearly every industry.

Devin was named to peopleHum’s power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2022. He received his BA from Colgate University and his MS from Southern New Hampshire University. He is the author of 21 books and lives in San Diego, California, with his wife, four daughters, and two rescue dogs.


Moving From Inclusion to Belonging: How to Shift From Intent to Impact

Let’s face it: Our world is changing, and your organization should reflect those changes. Being aware of those around you and not only respecting them but having a genuine appreciation for them and their differences will create the kind of inclusive culture that is needed to drive an optimal employee experience. While basic research has shown that diverse and inclusive teams are better at problem-solving and fostering a global outlook, L&D professionals still struggle with building strategies for the modern workplace that maximize belonging at all levels. When advanced from a human and humane perspective, diversity challenges can become valuable opportunities for workplace inclusion, increased productivity, stronger team collaboration, and competitiveness amongst your market peers. Leaders who know how to cultivate positive emotion tap into an endless well of psychological capital—hope, optimism, confidence, resilience, and belief—that has the power to keep people and teams innovating, which creates value and more success even in tough times. You will leave this session with real, tangible, and actionable steps to build a better workplace culture, where employees can thrive, using a proven method for culture change.

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