ATD Conference Coming to Canada

By Alex Moore

Almost two years ago, more than 300 talent development professionals gathered in New Orleans for a new event. Called “Core 4,” the two-day conference focused on the foundational elements that every learning and talent development professional should understand. Since then, the Association for Talent Development has offered the conference in cities across the United States, from California to Texas.

Now, we’re bringing the event to Toronto, September 10-11. 

What Is Core 4?

ATD, a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world, created this conference in response to demand for education focused on the essentials of developing and training employees. More and more people are entering this vast and dynamic field without formal education in adult learning, which often results in lower success rates for their trainees. This event provides the fundamental knowledge required to turn anyone into a successful training and development professional. Its content is organized into four foundational areas:

  • instructional design
  • training delivery
  • measurement and evaluation
  • learning technologies.  

With three keynote speakers, more than 25 education sessions across the four tracks, and ample opportunities to network with and learn from peers, there’s something for everyone. And because the content is laser-focused on the latest trends and most important subjects in talent development, those who attend are sure to return to work with a solid foundation for a successful career.

Who Should Attend?

If you’ve found yourself working in any of these positions, or want to transition into one of them, Core 4 might be a good fit for you:

  • instructional designer
  • corporate trainer
  • meeting or learning facilitator
  • any other job that helps design and deliver learning experiences within an organization. 

What’s more, ATD’s Core 4 is an essential event for those who are new to the training field, especially what we call “accidental trainers.” What is an accidental trainer? Someone who must design or deliver learning for adults, but they have never studied how to do it. It’s a common career path for talent development professionals.


Take this self-assessment to evaluate your skill set and build a professional development plan. Use your results to highlight areas for improvement. If you need to develop skills in instructional design, training delivery, measurement and evaluation, or learning technologies, Core 4 can help!

Select sessions from any of the Core 4 tracks to create a personalized experience that fits your professional development needs.

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