Core 4 Conference + Instructional Design Certificate Bundle

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Core 4 Conference + Instructional Design Certificate Bundle

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With instructional design training you’ll learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, completing a
job/task analysis, and designing and developing courses using exclusive ATD templates. Discover a structured step-
by-step process you can follow and apply immediately to your own training program development.

Earning this instructional design certificate gives you easy access to tools you’ll put to great use in your training
initiatives. You’ll learn to design a complete program that aligns with your business goals, including participant
guides, instructor guides, visual support, and other materials. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to work on
your own real-world program throughout the course.

This certificate is aligned with the instructional design area of expertise in the ATD Competency Model, which
serves as the foundation for ATD Certification Institute, Master Series programs and APTD and CPLP certifications.


  • Gain a strong foundation in the needs assessment and analysis process, ensure your training initiatives are effective and aligned with organization goals and expectations, and make the impact that you and your organization expect.
  • Develop engaging instructional events that take human memory and learning processes into account.
  • Learn how to determine which tools and instructional formats will deliver the best learning outcomes.
  • Collect data from subject matter experts and other stakeholders, and identify the competencies and tasks that will enable the achievement of business goals.
  • Create participant and facilitator guides and supporting materials to maximize learning and support on-the-job performance.


The Instructional Design Certificate materials model best practices so you can experience outcome-based training from a learner’s perspective. The program contains more than 15 ATD-exclusive job aids, process documents, templates, and checklists, including:

  • needs assessment process
  • interview guide
  • task analysis checklist
  • lesson outline
  • design document.

* formerly Designing Learning Certificate