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Harold D. Stolovitch, PhD

Harold D. Stolovitch, PhD

Emeritus Professor, Workplace Learning & Performance, Université de Montréal

Former Clinical Professor, Human Performance at Work, University of Southern California Harold is a past president of ISPI; an emeritus professor of workplace learning and performance, Université de Montréal; and a distinguished visiting scholar and visiting professor, University of Southern California. He has produced more than 200 publications, including 14 books and numerous articles and book chapters. He has conducted workplace consulting with hundreds of organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, medical and health institutions, utilities, transportation groups, mines, and nonprofits. Awards and recognitions include ATD’s Outstanding Research Award, Canadian Society for Training & Development Lifetime Achievement Award, ISPI Thomas F. Gilbert Award for Professional Achievement, and more than 20 research and outstanding publication awards in workplace learning and performance. He is the co-author of the ATD Press bestsellers, Telling Ain’t Training and Training Ain’t Performance.

Training: So What Works, and What Doesn’t? You Decide

This session demonstrates some of the fundamentals that transform a training activity into effective, long-term learning and on-the-job performance. Along the way, it dispels some commonly held myths about what is claimed to enhance learning and performance outcomes. In this session, no statement is made unless backed either by data generated by you right in the session or by scientific, research-based findings. Through challenging activities, the presenter draws out tips, tools, and principles you can immediately apply in your work as you avoid hyped, falsely intuitive, yet seemingly attractive promises. You will leave this fun, engaging, meaningful session ready to apply essentials and tools that produce learning and performance results.

Tara Deakin

Tara Deakin

Senior Vice President, Talent and Organization Effectiveness TD Bank

Tara joined TD Bank Group in January 2016 as Senior Vice President, Talent & Organizational Effectiveness. As the lead for TD's enterprise talent and organization development strategy, Tara's mandate is to grow the power of TD's 85,000 employees and attract new colleagues to ensure the bank's future growth and ongoing delivery of legendary customer experiences. Talent acquisition, talent management, organizational development, diversity and inclusion are the core components of Tara's portfolio. Tara is a member of the Human Resources Operating Committee.

Prior to joining TD, Tara served as the Managing Director/Chief Learning Officer for the North American Consumer Bank at Citi Group. In this role, she was accountable for employee onboarding and development. In addition to her North American responsibilities, Tara had global accountability for enterprise systems training and knowledge management. In this capacity, she and her team supported the strategic focus of the organization by translating business goals into actionable performance initiatives to ensure the readiness of 102,000+ customer-facing employees.

Tara has more than 16 years of progressive positions in the field of organizational development and learning. Prior to joining Citi, she was the Chief Learning and Enablement Officer at Rogers Communications where she held a number of increasingly senior roles driving the organizations learning and organizational effectiveness capability.

Tara holds a BA from the University of Western Ontario, and has completed post graduate work at Central Michigan University in adult education and organizational development. In 2009, Tara was awarded a Leadership Fellowship from the International Women's Forum, which included advanced studies at INSEAD and Harvard.

The Future of Work

The workforce of 2030 will be even more familiar with technology than we are today. Intelligent machines are taking their place among the human workforce, not just as tools, but as partners, and in some cases, as replacements. Ready or not, developing human talent for the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is our responsibility. As machines get better at cognitive tasks, they’re augmenting the work of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, pilots, and even the very software engineers who write the algorithms that enable them. The talent development profession will not be exempt. In anticipation of our role in reskilling and developing the 2030 workforce, we need to reskill ourselves.

Let’s look at a new model of work—for ourselves as well as for the talent we develop—where we collaborate with technology. Fresh ideas and novel approaches to talent development will be necessary in this new model of work. It will be up to us to each of us to create new strategies and tools for acquiring, developing, motivating, and leading the human-machine hybrid workforce.

In this session, you will discover how disruptive technologies are changing several industries and their talent needs; which practices in our profession need to be updated in preparation for 2030; and how to leverage AI and machine learning in your own job. Envision a 2030 scenario and think about how we will prepare for it and make a plan to update our skills.

Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier

Senior Partner & Founder, Box of Crayons

Michael is the founder of Box of Crayons, a company best known for teaching 10-minute coaching so that busy managers can build stronger teams and get better results. On the way to founding Box of Crayons in 2002, Michael lived in Australia, England, the United States and Canada, his current home. He has written several books. His latest, the Wall Street Journal Bestseller The Coaching Habit, has sold over 350,000 copies. It has been praised as one of the few business books that actually makes people laugh out loud.

He was the first Canadian Coach of the Year, is a Rhodes Scholar, and was recently recognized as the #3 Global Guru in coaching.

Balancing out these moments of success, Michael was banned from his high school graduation for “the balloon incident,” was sued by one of his law school lecturers for defamation, and his first published piece of writing was a Harlequin romance short story called “The Male Delivery.”

“If I had to pick a person to have dinner with, when I need to be prodded and challenged and inspired to think about the things I really am committed to think about for myself and what I’m doing, I’d pick Michael Bungay Stanier. He has an ability to shake our tree and make us more conscious and responsible about what we know but aren’t willing to admit we know yet.” —David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

Be Irresistible: How to Use Neuroscience to Have Your People Love You More

Leader, manager, or consultant … no matter what role you play, you need people to be with you, not against you. And whether you’re working one on one or with a group, whether it’s an informal interaction or a formal event, you want the experience you provide to be one that's engaging, inspiring, and provoking. What you know is part of the magic, for sure. But it’s a smaller part than you might imagine. In fact, the process by which you engage others makes all the difference. Master the way you interact with others, and you're on the way to creating irresistible experiences. In this practical, hands-on and "the medium is the message" session, Michael Bungay Stanier shows us how we can use the neuroscience of engagement to refine and enhance every experience we create. By attending this session, you will learn:

  • How to use the power of Tribe to build a sense of immediate connection
  • How to manipulate (in a good way) a sense of Rank, to give people immediate status
  • Two other elements from the TERA model, the heart of the neuroscience of engagement
  • Practical ways to turn the model into everyday tactics
  • The power of beginnings and endings, and how to find more opportunities to make the most of them

Moving seamlessly from theory to everyday tactics and tools, this keynote will give participants plenty of easy to implement ways to make sure every interaction can be simply irresistible.

"The speakers were real, engaging and informative. They helped me think about how to
 immediately apply the concepts to improve my work."
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