Past Events

Testimonials From Previous Attendees

"The content was WONDERFUL. I especially loved the sessions geared toward measuring effectiveness of learning tools/resources through evaluations. When dealing with a somewhat abstract product, it can be difficult to measure results in a tangible way. I walked away from this conference with ideas on how to do that."

"Highly applicable, usable information."

"All of the sessions I attended were excellent and helpful, and I think is a first for any professional event I have attended."

"The conference was very informative and insightful."

"Sardek Love was hands-down my favorite experience of the conference. I would attend another conference just to see him again."

"It was my first conference and I am glad I attended as it made me aware of how much I did not know about the training profession but all the resources available to assist me to deliver what my audience needs to be better in their roles. Thank you so much!"

"I attend 2-3 conferences a year and this is by far one of the best I have attended in a while. I would like to bring my team to one next year, so that we can brainstorm on the principles."

"All of the speakers were very good and I took a lot of their information away from the conference."

"Not to state the obvious, but training trainers is a hard job. We're a demanding crowd, but also forgiving since we've all been there. But none of the speakers needed forgiveness - I enjoyed them all."

"I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Doug Stevenson's storytelling seminar."

"Enjoyed all the speakers especially the general session speakers."